Power System Design

MLEA Inc. offers a full range of electrical power system design services to industrial and commercial clients. Our staff can analyze your business needs, develop the specifications, execute the detailed design and produce all the field construction drawings. MLEA Inc. can ensure the work is done through the use of our electrical contractor or act as your field agent to interface with your contractor.

Our company has a diverse experience base that is typically utilized in the nuclear and chemical industries. Our staff of engineers can develop the equipment specifications for the procurement of all electrical equipment or materials, perform detailed analysis of your existing power system and make recommendations on cost savings measures that can be implemented within your organization.

MLEA Inc. has conducted design engineering calculations and analyses to support specification and installation of various types of power plant equipment in the nuclear and chemical industries. In addition, we have also worked with the majority of the large equipment manufacturers and suppliers in the industry to achieve the best economical design solutions for our customers.

Power Equipment Summary

Diesel, Steam, Combustion Turbine & Hydroelectric Generators
Emergency Battery / Static Inverter Systems
Low & Medium Voltage Transformers
Switch Gear
Motor Control Centers
Capacitor Banks
Drive Systems

Power System Analysis

Load Flow
Motor Starting
Short Circuit
Arc Flash
Voltage Drop
Protective Relaying
Relay Coordination
Generator Sizing
LP Column