Industrial Gases

MLEA Inc. has extensive experience in the detailed design of greenfield and brownfield cryogenic process plants as well as plant retrofits. We have designed numerous cryogenic air separation plants across the globe, with installation raging from 15 TPD to 1,500 TPD of oxygen and/or nitrogen, some with argon production, and many with liquefiers for product storage or gas recompression. Engineering activities include all disciplines, i.e., electrical, mechanical, I&C, process, structural and civil. We can also provide full engineered systems, along with a variety of support activities such as commissioning support and plant personnel training.

Most of the air separation plants engineered by MLEA Inc. are built as merchant facilities or designed to supply large industrial pipeline customers. We are committed to designing air separation plants that are reliable, maintainable and adaptable to the changing needs of the industry.

Air Separation Plant Overview

US Partial Listing

Darlington, South Carolina
165 Ton Per Day, ASU, Liquefier

New Johnsonville, Tennessee
375 Ton Per Day, ASU, Liquefier

Rockport, Indiana
600 Ton Per Day, N2 Generator, Liquefier, H2 Reformer

Middletown, Ohio
750 Ton Per Day, ASU

International Partial Listing

Nova Scotia, Canada
30 Ton Per Day, LIN Generator

Rio de Janeiro
165 Metric, ASU, Liquefier

375 Metric Ton Per Day, ASU, Liquefier

1000 Metric Ton Per Day, ASU, Liquefier

1500 Metric Ton Per Day, ASU, Liquefier

A165 ASU